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The McBee collection of handmade bags and accessories has grown out of my combined love of sewing and a long fascination with printed textiles.


Although I do sometimes use contemporary designs,I particularly enjoy finding interesting older fabrics, especially from the 60's or 70's - perhaps some discarded curtains for example, to rework into something both unique and useful. I love the idea that old, forgotten fabric can have a new lease of life and be appreciated by another generation; I also love the nostalgic smiles I see on the faces of those who remember these prints the first time round. It is good to know that a fabric is being reused from the environmental point of view too; phrases such as make do and mend and waste not want not have been around much longer than most of these lovely old fabrics and are increasingly relevant again today.


I welcome commissions and would be very pleased to discuss ideas with you, either using a fabric of mine or something of yours that has special meaning and memories.


I'm also always interested in looking at older fabrics so if you find treasure tucked away in the loft - give me a shout!

Thanks for visiting my website


Vivien Moyes

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